Karate's Genetic Code

The book “Karate’s Genetic Code” is structured on in-depth methodical research in the professional military skills operative dimension. It has a purpose to strengthen and shed light on close-combat in general and Karate's roots in particular, as they were used in their origin. I hope you will find it interesting and beneficial.
I thoroughly discuss the development of karate techniques, historically and practically, throughout periods in different conditions, environments, and purposes, and I explore the practical essence of combat techniques, providing explanations, photos and examples. This insight forms the basis for pragmatic continuity of karate not only at the theoretical level, but also at the practical level.
I review the adaptation of karate techniques on the historical timeline from a practical operative angle, discuss similarities and differences of performing techniques, and provide reasoned ways of operation based on my skills and experience as combatant and then in Directorate of Military Intelligence/Research Department (Aman)/Terrorism arena.

It is very encouraging to receive such positive feedback on the book from martial artists engaged in the field of professional security, who have many years of practical experience. Some contacted me for the first time via personal messages, others reacted by public posts.

The writing of this book began following many requests from the readers of my first book “Karate Uchina-Di”, for more details about the development of karate techniques.

Thank you for your feedback!

Readers wrote:
G. MacDonald, 02/05/2023
Self defence, self protection, close-combat for military/law enforcement & civilians is my primary focus. Karate is the “vehicle” I chose for my studies. Your work is truly on another level. Thank you

Isaac Florentine 10 May 2023
I am glad that my friend, Dennis Fritchie , purchased the book. He told me: "I bought the book and I really liked it." (He didn't know we were old friends). The dojo where I volunteer to teach is a dojo he founded. He is an excellent karateka and aikidoka, was a deputy sheriff for 30 years. In addition he also teaches Iaido and swords collector. He also taught in the police. He is a polymath persona.

D. Howie 11May 2023
Itzik Cohen For those researching the who,what,when where and why of their martial art and for those martial artist trying to connect the dots to their professions in military and law enforcement, this is the book for you. Thank you again for a great resource and the work you have put into your writings.

M. Symyk 19 May 2023
Love your new book. Being a student of Masaji Taira Senseï, I find people’s perspective of bunkai and Oyo interesting. Thank you again.

Karate's Genetic Code
Karate's Genetic Code Karate's Genetic Code
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