About Us

Our skills
Activities are divided into separate target groups Expertise:
Reputation, professionalism and experience
Itzik Cohen an experienced teacher of martial arts and professional who deals with this art since the late 70th.
Teaches karate, Ryukyu-Kobudo, Self-Defense, civilian and military Close-Combat.
Member of well known Martial Arts international organizations in Europe and Okinawa\Japan.
Support group instructor and lecturer on applying the principles of martial arts in the modern world.
Instructs health exercises and karate therapy of all ages.

Why Karate?
  • karate Art develops physical and mental phase
  • Improving personal and social skills
  • Provides better tools to conduct your personal life and social life in various environments
  • Raise personal awareness
  • Taught to deal successfully under pressures
  • Releases tension
  • Improves health and fitness and its various components
  • Posture and movement in space
  • Raises your self-assertiveness and confidence
  • Provides practical self-defense capability
  • Educates to self-control and self-discipline, attention, concentration and focus
  • Gives negotiation capabilities and grants strategic vision
  • Provides unique and fun experience
Our Mission
  • To introduce and promote Okinawan Martial Arts and culture: Ryukyu Karate and Ryukyu Kobudo.
  • To serve as a bridge for the transfer of accumulated experience and knowledge of authentic classic Okinawan Martial Arts to the next generation.
  • To engage with martial arts in variety of its aspects: Arsenal techniques, spirit and atmosphere, culture, ethics and fighting skills.
  • To target into practice that intelligently combines classical knowledge with modern science leading to optimal results.
  • To lead a purposeful direction, that emphasis an effective Martial Art.
  • To fulfill the potential of Martial Arts in areas of health, physical, mental and combat.
Our vision
  • We strive for the development of classical martial art on a variety of shades, while maintaining the basic principles, and bringing it into the future.
  • Our milestones are heritage, ethics, strong foundation, deepening technical knowledge, teaching method and training, dedication, skill and focus.
  • We believe that Martial Art is about diligent practice. Understanding the experience accumulated over generations, profound knowledge and constant practice will present future development.
  • Martial art is a powerful tool for personal development - both physically and mentally in all areas.